Ruckus Makers

We help 1st generation students score game-changing internships.

How to be so good they can't ignore you.

Hoooboy, you are in for a treat. Ruckus Makers helps you learn to how to discover and land exciting internships, even when there is no opening.

Who Is This For?

You want meaningful and inspiring internships that dive into the things you care about, but maybe you don't know where to start or how to score the gig.

"I feel lost about what I want to do."

We'll help you discover what gets you excited and how to take test-drives; regardless of your major.

"I need experience to get experience."

We'll show you how to quickly gain relevant skills and build a body of work to impress any employer.

"I don't have a network."

We'll practice tactics to grow a reliable network to help you reach any job.

Modern Practices

The hard truth is that we follow outdated rules and assumptions when it comes to how we launch our careers.

The best opportunities are not found in job postings and resumes are not a winning strategy.

Learn how to discover the hidden job market and move beyond boring resumes.

Maker Mindset

Learn how to leverage powerful tools and tactics to create value for the people you want to work with.


Learn practices to craft compelling pitches with empathy and imagination to influence people.


Learn to lead with your curiosity and give yourself permission to explore unexpected pathways.

Creative Problem Solving

Learn practices like Design Thinking and Think Wrong to define problems, break rules, and generate fresh ideas.

Class Details

Ruckus Makers is an intensive 10-week class exclusively for CMU students. You will choose between two session times each week for hands-on, collaborative learning that focuses on real results, not lectures.

→ February 23rd to May 6th.

→ Sunday or Wednesday from 6p to 8p.

→ Meet at the Maverick Innovation Center

→ Only 12 available spots

→ Concludes with Demo Day

→ $250 course fee (learn more)

Meet Your Instructor

Who will be guiding you to a summer win?


Dig in to more details about the course.

Ruckus Makers © 2020

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Spencer.

I've spent the past decade using design practices to unlock the potential in ambitious students, healthcare innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe.

I've had the great fortune to work with brilliant people and forward-thinking companies to tackle problems I care about. Which brings me to why I'm hosting this class.

When I arrived at college as a first-generation student from rural Virginia, I soon discovered my classmates went to prep schools that cost more than college. Not only was I playing catch-up, I struggled to find inspiration in my classes. My grades slipped and, feeling directionless, I dropped out.

My story is all too common for first generation students. But I got lucky. I had mentors who helped me leverage powerful new tools for creating and self-learning that helped me land transformative internships.

Six years later, I started a program to give students what I wish I had in college; a place to be curious and build the creative confidence to confront ambiguity, try new ideas, and be resilient when they don't work. These are the essential skills employers are hungry for in a world of complex problem solving.

You might think you are getting these skills in school. 96% of chief academic officers believe their institutions are effective at preparing students for careers. But only 11% of CEOs agree.*

You deserve better. This class is about giving a damn when it comes to closing gaps in your education outcomes. I'm bringing the best insights and practices from a decade of working on the innovative edges of industry. You bring the curiosity and hustle. You in?

Ruckus Makers © 2020


"Why is this course called Ruckus Makers?"

Today's fast changing world belongs to the makers with the imagination and guts to break rules, shake the status quo, and make a ruckus.

"How many hours should I spend each week on this course?"

You will work hard for this class. Expect to dedicate 5+ hours between each class.

"Do I have to join the same session time each week? And can I join both sessions?"

You can pick the session time (Sunday or Wednesday) each week that works best with your schedule. We cover the same lesson both days. You are welcome to join both sessions.

"I want to stay in Grand Junction this summer, will I be able to get a local internship?"

Your instructor will do everything to help you make this possible. :)

"Are you going to make me take internships I don't want?"

Your instructor can make recommendations, but it's up to you to pick what feels right.

"What if I get an internship on my own through the career center?"

If you feel like this course wasn't helpful, we return your course fee.

"I already know what company I want to work for. Will this course guarantee me an internship there?"

If you are stubbornly fixated on one company, say Disney or Google, then you are likely not a good fit for this class. Why? It is important to stay flexible and open to discovering new companies matching your interests and curiosity.

"What if the internship opportunity I find is unpaid?"

We do not support unpaid internships. The options you will find and choose from will only be paid options. We won't stop you from taking unpaid positions, but we want you to recognize your value.

"I want to try freelancing, will this course help me get started?"

Yes. Instead of an internship, your outcome is to land a paying client.

"What happens if I drop out of the class?"

We're looking for students who can commit to the full 10 week class. You can drop out after the first class at no cost. If you drop out after the second class, we keep your course fee.

"Is this class for credit?"

Nope. This class is for students who stretch their learning beyond arbitrary credit hours.

"Can I receive credit for my internship?"

We are working with faculty to help provide credit in some cases.

Ruckus Makers © 2020

Course Fee

Pay nothing until after the first class. If you don't feel like this is a good fit, then you can drop the course at no cost.

If you continue to the second class, we ask for a $250 deposit. This deposit is returned if this course fails to land you an internship.

If you drop the course, we do not return your course fee. This fee works on aligned incentives. We do everything we can to get you a promised outcome while you have skin in the game to work hard for that outcome.

Leadership Positions

We provide teaching and course assistant positions as full scholarships.

1. Teaching Assistant

These two positions have been filled.

2. Course Assistant

Assist the instructor with a course research project; approximately 3 to 4 hours a week.

Much of this will be done online at times that work best for you.

(Only one position remaining.)

Ruckus Makers © 2020

Claim Your Invite

We are currently in a closed beta.

Invites are now closed. If you would like to be informed when we launch, please share your email.

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Thank You

You will hear from us when we open the next round of invites.

Ruckus Makers © 2020


We are saving you a seat. There is no commitment until after the first class where you will meet your instructor and get an introduction to the course format and expectations.

You have two options to attend class each week (same lesson in both sessions).

The first sessions are:
→ Sunday February 23rd, 6p-8p
→ Wednesday, February 26th, 6p-8p

I promise you will leave with all new practices for job hunting that you will never see at the career center.

Invite A Friend

If you would like a friend to join you in this course, we give you one invitation to share. Send them to this website with the invite code: egret

Spots are limited and filled on a rolling basis.